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40 million years ago frogs lived in Antarctica

The southernmost continent of our planet, Antarctica, was discovered in 1820, when a Russian expedition on the boats “Vostok” and “Mirny” approached it in the area of the modern Bellingshausen glacier. Two days later, a British expedition arrived on the mainland, and the first landing was made by the Americans in February 1821. Located at […]

Did man descend from the APE?

This is surprising, but many people are offended even by the idea that man and APE are relatives. Not all monkeys, of course, but at least we had a common ancestor with these amazing animals. The claim that humanity was shaped by evolution proved explosive. This was discovered by Charles Darwin when he published the […]

Is there life in the clouds of Venus?

When it comes to searching for life in the Solar system, astronomers usually look to Mars or the ice-covered moons of Jupiter and Saturn. But according to the results of a new study, to find extraterrestrial life, we may need to pay attention to our nearest neighbor – Venus. An international team of researchers suggests […]

Are there parallel worlds?

For many years, the minds of science fiction writers have been tormented by thoughts about how to explain to the reader or viewer that parallel worlds exist. We also need to explain how it all works, why there is life there and why it is similar or not similar to our own. All of these […]