Earn as a Student on jollertexcomputer {JC}

“Earn as a Student” is an earning opportunity offered by JC for students in higher institutions who wish to make income while schooling. It involves a chance for a student to refer final year students to www.jollertexcomputer.com.ng for all their project writing needs; and to encourage the final year student(s) to subscribe to our services.

HOW DO YOU EARN? Follow these Steps

  1. Refer a final year student to www.jollertexcomputer.com and give him/her your “Earn as a Student” Personnel code which will be assigned to you.
  2. Encourage the final year student to hire us to help them search material for theirproject
  3. Earn 16.67% (approx. ₦500.00) of every ₦2,500 PAYMENT made by your referral when they hire us.