Are there parallel worlds?

For many years, the minds of science fiction writers have been tormented by thoughts about how to explain to the reader or viewer that parallel worlds exist. We also need to explain how it all works, why there is life there and why it is similar or not similar to our own. All of these arguments on the topic of parallel Universes that rarely lead to any concrete answers. If it were that simple, the best physicists wouldn’t be puzzling over quantum States and how electrons can exist in two places at the same time. As long as they continue to do this and exchange only theories and arguments, without giving concrete facts and evidence, you and I have a great opportunity to speculate on the topic of exciting minds of parallel worlds. After all, scientists ‘ arguments are no more supported by facts than ours.

What are parallel worlds?
There is no clear definition of this concept, because according to different theories, some mean one thing by this, and others say something completely different. If you try to generalize all the theories, then parallel worlds are other realities in which other people live, and perhaps someone else.

In any case, this is, so to speak, another world that we can hardly get into. However, one theory holds that these worlds periodically collide and exert a gravitational influence on each other. This even leaves its mark on the relic radiation. However, we will talk about this later.

There are different theories about parallel worlds. Some explain this phenomenon from the point of view of religion, others — from the point of view of magic, and still others — from the point of view of physics. It is about the physical explanation that we will talk today.

How to prove the existence of parallel worlds
One of their theories is that parallel worlds exist. Yes, just like that. According to this theory, first proposed by the American physicist Hugh Everett, there is at least one world parallel to our own.

He called his reasoning the theory of a probable set of worlds. It is based on statements from scientists in the field of quantum physics. According to these statements, an electron can exist in two places in space simultaneously. This property is called a two-state superposition.

An interesting feature of this superposition is that as soon as we try to understand where this electron is located, for example, we affect it, it immediately moves. In this case, although they are copies of each other, but if we try to determine their position, it turns out that we will see only one. In fact, all this is more like some kind of divorce, they say you do not see, but it is there, but it is part of quantum physics. The part of quantum physics that has a number of assumptions and basic rules, without which it is simply impossible to explain everything that happens in the world. Such rules apply to many phenomena, which is why they are the laws of quantum physics. We can only believe in them.

Hugh Everett’s theory takes this behavior of quantum particles as the basis for proving the existence of parallel worlds. In other words, if we try to identify an electron in space and understand where it is, we ourselves become a quantum object and find ourselves in two States. In one of them, we will have access to one electron, and in the second — the other. In other words, these are parallel worlds based on a superposition of States.

So it is with the famous Schrodinger cat, which, according to a hypothetical experiment, was immersed in a box of poison and it was alive and dead at the same time. It’s just that when we opened the box and saw the poor cat in one state, in a parallel world, someone saw it in another state. This is another important rule of parallel worlds — opposite events occur in them.

However, the number of such worlds may be more than two. It is limited only by the number of probable outcomes of an event. But it is not necessary to say that events take place in another Universe, which is simply connected to our own at the quantum level. According to the theory, there is only one universe, and these examples of parallel worlds are only layers of this single Universe, which are formed every time an event occurs that has several different outcomes.

The fact that we don’t create a separate Universe explains why we can’t get into parallel worlds. We can’t go to another layer. There are other us who make opposite decisions and go our own way. For them, our world is parallel.

In reality, such a theory simply links the quantum concepts of superpositions with the real world and tries to explain the existence of parallel worlds based on this.

Parallel worlds from the point of view of string theory
There are two main theories in the world to explain everything — General relativity and quantum field theory. The first explains the interaction in the macrocosm, and the second — in the microcosm. The problem is that if you imagine both worlds on the same scale, that is, just imagine our world, then both these theories contradict each other.

In order to explain everything in the world with one General theory, scientists in the 1970s actively hooked on string theory. Strings were something conditional, which should explain the physical characteristics of the smallest particles and their interaction with other particles at any scale, but later it turned out that this theory does not always work and you need to look for something else.

This in itself does not prove the existence of parallel worlds, but in 1998, cosmologist Max Tegmar put forward a theory that gives reason to think about the existence of other Universes with different physical constants, different from our own.

Denying the existence of other Universes under this theory is like standing on the seashore and saying that there is no other shore. We don’t see it.

Many scientists also claim that these Universes are our parallel worlds. Some even rely on changes in relic radiation, claiming that changes in its behavior are the result of a collision of Universes that seem to float in a large ocean and periodically collide with each other.

Relic radiation – thermal radiation that originated in the era of the primary formation of hydrogen and evenly fills the Universe. For its discovery in 1978, Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson received the Nobel prize.

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