Background of the Study

Improvisation is the making of invention a piece of science teaching equipment in an emergency situation.

Improvisation is therefore an essential part of basic technology for the purpose maximizing the use of the available resources in order to achieve the teaching aims and objectives. Improvisation enables teaching and learning p

rocess to become easier for teaching and students.

This is because students learn best when the subject matter is brought practically since the more the senses are stimulated, the more a person learns and the more they retains what they learnt. In line with this Kayode (2010) resourcefulness in improvisation. Lola (2005). Consequently pointed out that effective teaching and learning of technical subject is only achieved through proper utilization of improvised material. FRN (2014) stated that improvisation is the creating something spontaneously or making something from whatever is available around the environment, the production of improvised material can be  at little or no physical cost would be required by the class room teacher. Oxford dictionary, define improvisation as inventing or making from whatever is available when the real item or object is not available. In this present era where the need of technical education in greatly increasing, and the instructional materials to teach the subject are either not available or not adequate. Since the fund allocated to technical education is not enough to meet this adequate provision of instructional material acquisition of improvisation  skills among the technical  teachers is the only way to salvage the situation in Nigeria.

Guthrie (1999)  define skills as the ability to bring about some end result with maximum certainty and minimum  out  lay of energy and  time. A novice could conceive execute a flawless motor skill, yet not to be able to perform it consistently, or with as little effort relative to an expert performer. Technical Education is an aspect of education designed to prepare student for industry agriculture, commerce, home  economics which is usually provided at school. The national policy on education (NPE) it defined technical education as the aspect of education that leads to the acquisition of practical and applied skills as well as basic scientific knowledge. In this sense, it form a practical segment of education that involves skills acquisition, it also entails the enrichment of the capabilities that influence the effective psychomotor or cognitive domains in order to satisfy their intrinsic and extrinsic value.

The objective of technical education according to the national policy on education 1986.

1.         To enhance individual employability

2.         To prepare students for indentified technical spanning several area of activities.

3.         To provide an alternative for those intending to pursue higher education without particular interest or purpose.

4.         To provide opportunities to fulfill the needs of women, rural and tribal students and the deprived section of society.

5.         To give opportunities for professional growth, career improvement and lateral entry into courses of general, technical and professional education through appropriate bridge courses.

6.         To reduce the level of unemployment by providing self- employment scheme.

7.         To  help student understands the scientific and technological aspects of contemporary civilization.

Statement of the Problem 

The study is concerned with the mechanism for improving improvisation skills among teachers of basic technology in secondary school in Kaduna inspectorate  division, researchers carried out investigation on improvisation skill on teachers and noted that they lack skills.

It is universally acknowledged that teaching aids assists in the teaching of technical subjects (Fashola 2016). But where teaching aids are not available, teachers are expected to improvise.

Purpose of the Study

This study sees the mechanism for improving improvisation skills among teachers of basic technology in secondary school in Kaduna inspectorate division especially the study will.

1.      Find out whether teachers have adequate improvisation skills.

2.      Find out if the available skills meet up with the present demand.

3.      Investigate method of improving improvisation skills among teachers of basic technology.

Significance of the Study    

This study will help the teachers basic technology improve their improvisation skills for the effective teaching of basic technology in secondary school.

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