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Background of the Study

As general, people have been familiar with English. English is important part in daily life, because English is second language in the world. This explanation is relevant with statement ofGeoffrey Broughton & all of his friend in their book entitled Teaching English as a ForeignLangauge (2003:6), the statement is “so far we have been considering English as a secondlanguage. But in the rest ofthe world, English is a foreign language”.English has importantfunction in any situation, because English is a language that must be mastered in the world. After that, English also used to interact by many countries, including Indonesia. As we know that Englishlearning as a foreign language is not easy, it is because English has different aspects and systems,which should be understood by the students or the learners. Talking about English learning, thereare four basic competences that must be mastered by students in the school. They are listening,speaking, reading and writing. In this research, the researcher just focus to one of them, that iswriting. Actually, many aspects that need to be mustered by students in English learning, such as;vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, etc. But in this situation we should know that writing is moredifficult aspect that important to be mastered by students. Sometimes for some people, conveyideas with writing is more easier than oral communication. Writing is aspect that can make studentsmore active and creative in learning process, because as we know in this modern era almostactivities in learning process use writing such as; reports, presentation, etc. So, writing be animportant role that needs to be developed, because with writing students can express their idea,creation, and thoughts in words. In most University, we know that they still use traditionallystrategy in writing process. In modern era, traditional strategy is not effective for learning process because it can make students boring and not enthusiasm in writing. In English learning process,usually there are some problems faced by students in writing. Some students think that Englishwriting is difficult thing for them and writing takes a long process. In teaching process especiallyteaching writing, teachers should be use new strategy/media that can increase the studentsinteresting in writing. According to Sudiran & Prasetiyowati inSudirans’ journal (2015) state thatmedia is essential to teaching learning process and with media the students are interested inlearning English. There are many strategies or media that can develop students’ writing skill. Oneof them is using social media, especially online blogging. Blogging is simple all one needs is aninternet connection and it is not very technologically sophisticated; he just have to put up histhoughts and articles to the internet and many people can read them and might get interested onthem (Livy Lloyd Angeles: 2015). In this case, we know that online blogging is simple tool thatcan access by internet connection. By using online blogging in writing process, students will bemore interested, more active to learn and they can also use online blogging anytime and anywhere.In this modern era, online blogging is effective media for students because students will findsomething new and different from what they usually get in their class. In this case, the researcheris interest to conduct the students’ perceptiontowards the use of online blogging in English writingand to know the differences of students’ perception. This part is present the related literature that significant with the research. Actually thisresearch is not new and there are some research that relevant with this research. First, “Technologyand Language: A Review of Students’ Perception of Blog in some selected English as a SecondLanguage Writing Classes” by Aishar SalihuMusa (2016). This research show that application of blogs is effective in ESL writing classes. Second, Miftachudin (2017) have been conduct theresearch that relevant with this research, entitled “Students’ Perception of the Use of Blogs inEnglish Learning”. This research explores the benefits of blogs in English learning and thisresearch also show that the use of blogs improves the quality of English language learning in future practice. Blogs are useful and practical tools and they can be easily benefited in EFL writing(Aydin in Emrah Ozdemir & Selami Aydin: 2015). In this case, we know that online blogging asmedia in English learning is effective for students especially in writing process. Online blogginghas many advantages and it is different with another media because it is very easy to operate andit is suitable to use in classroom activity. According to Lamonica in Hashem A. Alsamadani (2018)said that blogging has recently gained interest among EFL teachers and learners as a new approachto teach writing in classroom. Relevant with that, Boling in Chealsea Lamonica (2010) argue thatonline blogging as media can increased motivation and literacy engagement as students read, write,create and produce for meaningful and authentic purposes. Based in the data above, we know thatthe use of online blogging is very influential on students’ writing process. The use of online blogging in English learning is not only effective for teachers but also effective for students.

Statement of the Problem

This research is very interesting to be investigated more deeply. Actually, this research has been done by previous studies but does not mean the subjects studied are same. Previous research focused on teachers’ perception on blogging in writing, but this research will focus on students’ perception towards the use of online blogging in English writing

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