1.1 Background to the Study

The maintenance of physically active leisure oriented lifestyle has become increasingly significant in developed societies. In this electronic age, technological advancement often minimizes physical effort in most aspects of life. Sport and physical activity touch many aspects of peoples’ lives, yet many are unaware of how powerfully sport affects them. Basketball and hand ball are intermittent sports whereby a large number of different activities and situations are developed. Basketball and handball are characterized by speed and repeated changes in the direction of activities and movement which require physical fitness to endure and become a more active member of the society (Williams, 2007). Physical fitness is probably the most popular and frequently used term in physical education. The most important objective of physical educators is to develop physical fitness. According to Maud and Foster (1995), it was the desire to establish a scientific approach to the development of physical fitness that formed the basis of the first meeting of physical educators in 1885 when the profession of physical education originated. The physiological composition of human body is structured for diverse form of exercise such as running, hunting and waging of wars in order to survive, which required a physical fitness to make effective use of each physical ability (Sharkey, 2010). General fitness requires the ability of a person to live most effectively with his or her potentials, which depend upon the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components of fitness that are highly interrelated. 2 Physical fitness is comprised of many different components. These components can be classified into two categories, one of which is health-related and the other is to skill performance related-fitness. According to Amusa (2012), physical fitness is concerned with the development and maintenance of the fitness components that can enhance health through prevention and remediation of disease and illness. Health related fitness among basketball players enhances their ability to function efficiently and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thus, health- related fitness is important to all individuals throughout their lives especially to basketball players. Health-related physical fitness is based on the assumption that an adequate level of body development is required for health. There are five components of health-related fitness namely muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility and body composition. Physical fitness of a player depends on the nature of his game and also external conditions.There are a number of fitness elements that need to be developed. These include speed, endurance,agility and strength to correct and maintenance of body weight (Tukur, 2012). Basketball and Handball are almost similar games. Some of the standards the fit player attains to meet the demands of the gamesare strength, power, speed etc. fitness components (Purath, 2009).This research is therefore meant to compare the health related physical fitness status of male and female basketball and handball players

. 1.2 Statement of the Problem

Physical fitness has been the desire of professional team managers, coaches and sport scientists all over the world in the selection of players. Many male and female basketball and handball players have been disqualified in the process of selection of professional players due to lack of adequate health related and performance fitness status. The world is becoming a technological world where everything is done with technology and the selection of players is done by experimentation of height, blood pressure, endurance and fitness. Many trainers and coaches train sportsmen and women, basketball and handball players in order to improve their performance with inadequate observation or monitoring of player’s level of physical fitness through practical physical fitness. It has been difficult for basketball and handball players to follow the scientific principle of training, which will improve their performance. The basketball and handball players have been finding it difficult to qualify and participate in the National league competition organized by the federation. This has been major a problem worth studying by the researcher to investigate the reasons for this.

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