For students in the tertiary institutions across the globe, project defense is an academic endeavor most students consider as a great feat that sends chills down their spine whenever they think about it.. But it doesn’t really have to be that way, project defense can also be considered as a normal oral test where students can have fun interacting with their lecturers yet still focused and making far more sense. The thought of defending their project seem to be the beginning of woe and troubles for some students and this doesn’t in any way help them during the defense day as they get to be all fidgety and panicky while entering the defense room/hall.

To avoid the stress of the panic moment during your project defense, it is pertinent to observe some crucial tips before and on the said defense day.
Be familiar and interested in your project work
So many potential defense students make the mistake of writing on a topic they have no particular interest in, either they are forced by their supervisors or colleagues to write on such project topic or they craft their topic based on pre-written topics on the net but not withstanding where the work is crafted from, familiarization with the work should be inevitable. You have to study and get well acquainted with the research work.
Know your audience
Well getting a heads up about who will be amongst the defense team is actually a credit to you as it will help prepare your mindset on what to expect and reactions to expect while you’re addressing the panel
Checkup possible questions
Inasmuch as you don’t expect the lecturers to follow a trend of questions it is still pertinent that you check up possible questions that may be asked during your defense and try to answer them I the best possible ways. It will be a gross disappointment that a question will be asked and u are so unprepare to tackle it in your capacity

Practice and practice more
Many students make the mistake of leaving the bulk of their work until the eleventh hour before rushing over it to meet up the standard preparation level. Practice as it is usually said makes one perfect but I will say practice and practicing more will boost your confidence level and help you get more comfortable doing what you’re meant to do.
Work with time
As you prepare for your project defense it is of sole importance that you work with time so you don’t get caught unawares. During your practice hours, keep a stopwatch or an alarm clock handy to keep yourself in check with the actual minutes you will be given during the project defense and be sure to use the limited time to answer most of the relevant questions as much as possible and be straight to the point with the answers you give
Work on your nerves
You are definitely expected to be bold as much as you can be but being nervous before the big even is quite inevitable and should be expected. At this point it is up to you to work on yourself and tune your mindset to face the challenge head on. Looking bold and confident during the defense is a credit to you so you need to keep the nerves in check

What are you planning to wear?
First impression I everything in life and it matters what impression you give out first before you start speaking your look says more to your audience. Make sure you wear clothes appropriate for the event, well washed and ironed it doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be presentable and appealing, good personal hygiene is inexcusable here.
Not to be biased about some people that are not overly religious but for the religious folks who believe in the wonders of prayer it is pertinent to commit your efforts through prayers to God before stepping into the hall to face the defense panel, for some prayer acts as a confidence booster to them so it is really advisable to say a word or two of prayer before your project or research defense.

How to get complete project materials

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Updated: 8th December 2019 — 1:37 pm