1.1 Background to the Study

Complexities of educational systems and their institutions in developing countries particularly in sub-Saharan Africa tend to be characterized by such phenomena as population explosion, diversity in admissions programme, operational goals and procedures; inadequacy of funds and material resources to maintain available programmes of quality control such as school supervision.School supervision is critical to quality management in Schools because it focuses on improving school, staff and students‟ performance by asking: what are the schools or individual teacher‟s strengths and weakness and how can the latter be improved? The results of good supervision should change the behaviour of all involved for the better.

In order to bring about improvement in the supervision of the secondary schools, attention should be paid to all factors that have been contributing to irregular supervision in secondary schools. Due to inadequate funds and poor funding, there was a breakdown in management of amenities, particularly facilities for teaching and learning, according to Peretomode (2001).The gradual decline in performance of students in external examination, students unrest, leadership inefficiency, whose roots can easily be traced to instability of staff and students welfare services. Ogun (2007) affirmed that the main problem in secondary schools is non-understanding of students, staff and parents‟ expectations and needs. This is due to the fact that most people experience difficulties in adapting to new situations and conditions, especially students‟ new school environment.

There is need for proper supervision to be put in place. Therefore, staff and students‟ welfare service need to be provided to assist students and staff in dealing with problems that might confront them in the school. It is aimed at providing confidential and effective advice to staff and students to adjust to new situations. The following bodies such as community, Non-Governmental Organization, philanthropies and parents have roles to play in the supervision of schools, including organizing services for student such as health services, transportation services, maintaining discipline and facilities in improving the quality of education. This can be done through working closely with supervisors, sponsoring, training to update knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently perform their duties. Parents and private individuals play vital rolesin supervision which include: supply and provision of classroom accommodation space and other resources. For students to be in school, it requires a supportive and nurturing environment. Students should report any damage done by other students to the school authority. They should also learn to resolve conflict peacefully. If proper supervision is put in place by the authority, teaching and learning may be perfected.

Statement of the Problem

Supervision is critical to quality management in schools. It focuses on improving schools, staff and students‟ performance in schools. Therefore, supervision is unavoidable for effective and efficient management of secondary schools in north-east zone and the country at large. The government and the secondary schools management as a matter of fact provide supervision in order to realize the aim of education. It was revealed by Udoh and Akpa (2001) that universal principle governing the purpose of the school supervision is the improvement of student growth and the improvement of schools and society. Due to inadequate funds and increase in students population in schools, enrolment and retention, staff and students welfare services, decision making process, staff development programmes, staffing, communication, funding maintenance of discipline, maintenance of teaching and learning facilities, teaching and learning were not properly supervised. In the same vein were increase in students‟ population and weak staff strength.

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