Difference between graduate and non graduate teachers classroom performance


Background to the Study

A problem often implies that a controversy or difference of opinion exists. Problem can be derived from theory, prior research results or personal observation and experience (Omari, 2011). That being the case then, the problem of this research emerged from personal observation and experience. The performance of the teacher in classroom determines the performance of students in their examinations. Nowadays, the English subject at ordinary level is taught by both teachers with diploma qualifications and University graduates. The language that is presented to the students should be meaningful and contextualized; students should not be asked to just manipulate linguistic forms. Furthermore, the language that is presented by the teacher should be authentic, or at least realistic, eliminating the distraction of contrived language in textbooks. This means that students should learn to use English accurately. However, they should also be able to use the language appropriate to a given social context. Students need practice in activating their knowledge of vocabulary, structures and language functions. They should also receive practice in negotiating meaning. The achievement of this depends largely on the classroom performance of teachers during teaching the English lesson that is how teachers conduct teaching. The assumption was that most of teachers are not able to facilitate the smooth teaching and learning process simply because of failure of proper choice of the method of teaching. Omari, (2008) argues that the popular interpretation of participatory teaching is always and invariably, reduced to putting pupils into groups, often of eight to ten or twelve students, who turn their necks around while still on their desks, and hopefully facing each other, to discuss something as vague as “how to make a poem”, “how democracy is practiced”, or ” what happens if you mix acid and alkaline”. This means that there is a problem in classroom performance of teachers and therefore there is a need of studying the classroom performance of teachers. Since it is difficult to conduct a research on classroom performance of all teachers in all levels of education and across all subjects, the researcher had then decided to conduct a study on graduate and non-graduate teachers’ classroom performance in English subject in Nigeria secondary, specifically in Ordinary level schools owned by the government.

Statement of the Problem

Many studies have been done on teacher performance but little attention has been paid on classroom performance of graduate and non-graduate teachers. This is evident to the following examples. Milanowski, (2009) conducted a study on review in performance assessment in human capital management , whereby the major concern has been to review the current state of the art in teaching assessment and examining a sample of assessment systems, then to develop a specification for state performance assessment system to be used for Human Capital Management functions.

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