effect of teacher qualification on academic performance of students in mathematics in junior secondary school in ese odo local government area of ondo state.

effect of teacher qualification on academic performance of students in mathematics in junior secondary school in ese odo local government area of ondo state.



Background History of the Study

Since Mathematics is not a static discipline, it is impossible to define it in historical term. The word Mathematics “comes from the Greek Mathemota” “thing that are learned”. It may seem odd to apply this phrase to a single field of knowledge but we should point to this in relation to the ancient Greeks. Thus, mathematics included not only the study of numbers and space but also astronomy and music as mathematics subjects. Mathematics can be defined as the science that deals with the logical shapes, quantity and arrangement.

Mathematics is all around us in everything we do, it is the building block for everything in our daily lives, including mobile devices, architecture ancient and modern art money, engineering and event sport furthermore, learning mathematics forces one to learn how to think very logically and to solve problems using that skill. It also teaches one to be precise in thought and words. Mathematics teaches life skills. It is difficult to find any area of life that isn’t touched by mathematics.

Therefore the quality of education of a nation could be determined by the quality of our teacher. The most important factor in providing students’ achievement in Mathematics is by employing seasoned qualified teachers in all schools (Abe and Adu 2013). Okuruwa (1999) found that, policy investment on quality of teachers is related to improvement in students’ performance specifically the measurement of teacher’s willingness or preparedness and certification correlates students’ achievement in science and mathematics it is further reported that teacher’s characteristics such as (NCE, Degree) etc in area of specialization are very significant and positively correlated with students learning outcomes in science and mathematics. This report was in line with the finding of Salman (2009).

Abe and Adu (2013) and Wiki (2013) opined that a teaching qualification or teacher qualification is one of a number of academic and professional degree that enable a person to become a registered teacher in primary or secondary school such qualification includes but are not limited to the postgraduate certificate Education (PGDE). The professional Diploma in Education (PDE), Bachelor of education (B.Ed) and Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE). In Ondo state, the teachers who are academically qualified and those that are professionally qualified are engaged to carry out instructional process ( Ahiazu and prince will 2011).

The holders of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) certificate are teachers who have in addition on to the West Africa School Certificate (WASC,NECO, NABTEB) a three year teacher train in an Advanced teachers College or College of Education such categories of teachers are employed mainly to teach in junior secondary school. While the holders of first degree postgraduate degrees in education are teacher who after their WAEC or NCE also obtained university degrees in education are expected to teach the senior secondary school (SSS) classes. In order accordance with the recommendation of National Curriculum Conference (1969) holder of the NCE certificate are to teach the junior secondary school (JSS) whereas holders of degree certificate are to teach in senior secondary school (SSS) in addition to the west Africa School certificate (WASC) it is a true statement to say that OND and HND holders have flooded our secondary schools.

From the educational viewpoint interest and performance of student in mathematics are deteriorating over some years back as a result of some unqualified or certificated teacher or personnel teaching in our secondary schools. Mathematics believed to be an easy and straight forward subject. Findings have revealed that student develop in other subject like chemistry biology and other science subject other than physics and mathematics.

According to animal farm by George Orwel says all animals are equal than other. Thus there teachers indeed but it is obvious that qualified teachers are not readily available. Acualy look in wards for qualified personnel who can teach mathematics there is need to wage war against the poor performance in mathematic in our schools or college in Ese Odo Local Government Area in Ondo state cannot be over emphasized, considering the failure rate of student in the subject. This ugly situation is great concern.

In an actual fact mathematics examination result have great social consequence and implication not only on the candidate together with their families but also on the nation as a whole. Examination result affect the society in matter of social welfare economic, politic cultural and religious value education advancement, science and technology either on the long run or short run. Mathematics play a fundamental role in the economic development of the country because it is a basic tools for all scientific and technological research there for is to find out the effect of teacher qualification on academic performance of student in junior Secondary School Examination.

Statement of the Problem     

According to national curriculum conference of 1969 the minimum teaching qualification is to be NCE. The conference also recommended that holders of NCE are to be limited to the junior secondary school (JSS) this by implication means that holders of degree are to teaching the senior secondary school (SSS) in the country.

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