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Problems And Prospect Of Teaching And Learning Computer Science In Junior Secondary Schools

Problems And Prospect Of Teaching And Learning Computer Science In Junior Secondary Schools


Computer science education as it was stipulated by the National policy on education (2004) in Nigeria is one of pre-vocational subjects in the junior secondary schools. The aim and objectives of the federal government in these pre-vocational subjects mostly is that at the end of Nine years of passing through it should posses an appropriate level of literacy, numeracy, communication, manipulative and problems solving skills in order to be employable and useful to oneself and the society at large. According to Abimbola (1998) the use of computer in our educational sector was a growing phenomenon, because searching for work in internet requires the knowledge of computer. The use of computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) in Education also requires in-depth knowledge of computer. According to Olaitan (2000) he stated, in recognition of the prominent role of information and communication technology (ICT) in educational system requires the   knowledge of computers. Since our schools are sweeping along on the incoming tide of new teaching techniques. The old methods used in teaching and learning of computer science are becoming increasingly inadequate. Therefore this work is an attempt to find out the possible solution to all these problems in the study of computer science. 
According to Webster’s comprehensive dictionary (2004) problem is any pressing circumstance or a preposition in which some operation is required. According to Oxfords advanced learners dictionary (2000) problem is any doubtful matter that requires a solution. Problem according to Omemma (2009) is a condition that requires a given solution. In our own opinion, problem can be seen as a difficult situation or a doubtful matter that requires  a given solution.
Solution according to oxford Advanced dictionary (2000) is seen as a means by which the unknown is made to be known. In Webster’s   comprehensive dictionary (2004) it is seen as the act of solving a problem. According to Okwor (2002) solution is a situation that put a problem to a final stop. In our own opinion we believe that solution is a process by which a difficult matter or situation is revealed.

National policy on education (2004) regarded    teaching and learning as a process by which information and knowledge is transferred. It is also a process by which worthwhile values are shared (Ocho 1998). Teaching learning according to Webster’s comprehensive dictionary (2004) is the act of obtaining knowledge from instruction. From our own view, teaching-learning is seen as a process by which worthwhile knowledge and idea are been transferred in form of a given instruction between people.According to Abimbola (1998) in Nigeria Journal of technical education computer science is a systematic systematic study of an electronic device which is manufactured to accept an ordered sequence of instructions given to it in an appropriate language. Abdullahi (2004) says that computer science is one of the science subjects that deals with study   of a machine that can receive instructions, recalls   these instructions, carry out the instructions and gives a feedback on its actions. According to oxford Advanced learners dictionary (2000) computer sciences is the study of computers and how they can be used. In our own view, computer science is a subject that deals with appreciation and application of computers.
Junior secondary school as it was stipulated by National policy on education (2004) in Nigeria is an educational institution for the children between the ages of 11-13years No wonder the world educational encyclopedia volume 3 says that government regards junior secondary school as an educational institution where the necessary infrastructure and training for the integration of information, communication and technology (ICT) in the schools.  At this level of education, it is believed that the necessary skills and ideas have been acquired, but the standard of education is fast declining. Ejili (2002) stated that critical appraisal of the falling standard shows that there are several variables responsible for this. The world is fast becoming a global village. For that the use of computer in educational system is now a growing   phenomenon.
The dependent variable for this study is the solution, where problem is the independent variable. This is because the solution depends the problems which   are encountered in the teaching and learning of computer science in the junior secondary school.

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