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                                                             CHAPTER ONE


Background to the Study

Kwara state was one of the first twelve created states in Nigeria. This state inherited some schools from the Western region. Some of those schools,  especially primary schools, were established in 1890’s few years later, the first set of post-primary institutions were opened and they were mostly single sex schools . They were mission oriented, looking at discipline in its narrower sense. They (missionaries) felt that single sex education would not only enhance teaching in schools but would also maintain discipline to the extreme. The early missionaries thought that discipline is synonymous with unquestioning obedience conformity and ready acceptance of authority.

Armed with the above belief, the missions established single-sex schools in western region, most of which Kwara state inherited.

With the passing of the years co-educational schools started to emerge. The emergence of these co-educational schools could not be unconnected with what Dale (1969) said that a school should be a mix one since the most powerful factor in the society is the influence of male or female, that this influence ought to be used in education.

Dale (1960) further asserted that, it is desirable and advantageous for boys and girls, men and women to be educated side by side and to learn how to know and respect each others point of view.

The consequent change of attitude towards co-education by enlightened people and the resultant establishment of co-educational institutions led to arguments and counter argument as would be expected from literate and illiterate parents alike. The bone of contention includes:

The social  behaviour of the two types of schools depend on whether the school is single sex or co-educational. The protagonists of the co-educational schools are better molded socially. While their antagonists was on  a contrary view.

The church leaders, parents and their allies laid the blame of moral decadents in our society today on co-educational system. They contended that the high positive moral and discipline in our single-sex schools in the olden days is fast degrading it is had not totally disappeared in our society.

Another area of argument is in the area of academic performance of co-educational schools and single-sex schools.

The Apostles of the view that co-educational schools are academically superior to the single sex schools content that the setting up of such school in the state is due to the academic excellence of students in such schools. Hence, they said that there is no alternative, that co-educational is the answer.

The concern of this study is to undertake a survey of the effects of co-educational and single-sex educational system on the social behaviour of students in secondary schools in the defined area of study.

Since the ultimate goals of any society among others is to produce well adjusted citizens and counseling is one of the vehicles that will enhance and facilitate such desired change, be used in making recommendations as to ways of improving the social behaviour of students in both types of school systems.

Statement of the Problem

Considering the marked difference between the social behaviour of students in single-sex schools and co-educational school, couple with the huge by some parents to preface one type of the schools to the other, one is inclined to investigation and consequently initiate a research in to this study to reduce a long-side the problem of social misbehavior among students in the different school systems. To accomplish this, the researcher will focus attention on the following research problems. The various forms of social behaviours among students in single sex and co-educational schools in Ifelodun Local Government Areas of Kwara State. The internal and external factors responsible for these social misbehavours.

The rate that the group of students exhibits these social misbehaviors more than the other group. The role that the home plays in moulding the character of the students.

The impact that the peer groups have on the social behaviour of students in secondary schools of the area under study.

The extent that guidance and counseling help to curb student’s school behaviours in Secondary Schools shall be the concerns of this study.

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