GENERAL INTRODUCTION

1.1 Background of the Study

The home is a primary institution for children, homes as perceived by Abdulganiyu (1997), Christe (2009), defined home as a place in which an individual or a family can rest and store personal property haven’t defined the concept of home it is therefore important to define family. The family can therefore, be looked at as a social group characterized by common resident, economic, cooperation and production.

However, a home can either be stable or broken. A stable home is one in which both parent [mother and father] lives together with children, while a broken home is the one in which one or both of the parent are not living together with the children.

It is the level at which the home operates that determine the academic achievement of CRK students in school. Broken homes been it unstable can influence the achievement of a CRK students academically.

Also, children that have suffered from neglect or lack of love (in broken homes) are known to be psychologically imbalanced to face the realities of life.

When there is disunity in the family, or a different between a mother or a father the child is caught in middle and will be at disadvantages.

The child’s homes and family offer the best education since his parents serve as the desired social, moral, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well being of the child. The training a child received from home is of greatest importance in his/her total personality formation and his/her total personality formation and his/her academic achievement as a CRK student.

The book of proverbs chapter one verse seven (Prov.1:7) urge children to hear the instruction of their parents and obey them so as to increase knowledge.  The above bible quotation uncover the influence of broken homes on the academic performance of students in not only Christian religious studies but also help to discover the extent of poor academic contributions.

The homes serves as the immediate and first step where any learner receive training hence the need arises for the immediate environment to provide enabling and favorable condition for learning  broken homes are the families where the parents are divorced or separated. This cannot justify the provision in the book of proverb 1-7 which encourages the children to listen and obey the female and male parent to increase wisdom. This will also go a long way to limit the attitude and academic performance of students.

It comes as no surprise to anyone in education today that the expectations the educationalist hold for students have a direct and powerful impact on student scholarly achievement and success. What may come as a shock is the educationalist to help, may be inadvertently encouraging failure for a sizeable portion of the students one will wonder why!

Parents play important roles in the proper development of their Children Morally, socially, academically, and otherwise to become a responsible distinguished and disciplined members of the society.

These roles are so important that the life of the students is greatly affected by what type of education the home gives to the child to orientate this over all behavior and attitudes towards life in general, marital, academically, and everything that make up his personality as a person.

This explains why parents of any given family should be extra careful on how they influence the life of their Children. A well constituted, structured, and organized family tends to produce individuals that exhibit good morals within the social groups. One cannot but accept the general saying “Children learn where they live” Society believes that the care, love concerned parents and their children are more coordinal when the parents are living together in harmony other than same roof. The home is said to be the immediate environment where Children are exposed and introduced to learning. Therefore, it should be psychologically and socially conducive for good upbringing.

Another fact is that divorced or separated families will bring a kind of deprivation on the other. It is the home factor that determines the Child’s public acceptance and proper atmosphere to battle with other life challenges that the Child may come across in life.

It is pertinent at this junction to point out in spite of all the needs expressed as to be meet by the students most especially C.R.K students, this research also has intended to seek for how much C.R.K student is affected in academic achievement, either as a result of his home been stable or broken.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

In our society, Children are sometimes exposed at an early age to all sort of dangers arising from malnutrition, diseases and various temptation of surviving due to absence of one or both of their parents Students life in broken homes is observed to be associated with emotional stress that can impair intellectual development, thereby giving way for such children to grow up without being trained properly.

However, absence of one or both parents deprives young Children of the stable love, care, security, and total support they have been accustomed to and tend to make Children different in the eyes of peer group.

Since it is generally believed that love, attention, happiness and discipline are main ingredients a growing child needs to do well in school which can be inculcated right from a family under peaceful atmosphere and closed observation. It so clearly seen that many delinquents are has a result of lapses in the child upbringing. The home as the immediate environment should be sociologically and psychologically conducive for good living.

Hence it becomes necessary to investigate factors that cause broken homes with a view to finding solution to the problems for psychological well being of growing children in our society and these lead us to look at the influence of broken homes and the academic performance of students in Christian Religious Studies.

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