This study is designed to look into the impact of good human relations on the secretarial professions. The population for the study includes 40 executives in eight randomly selected organizations in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti state. The methods of collecting data from respondents were through oral interview and questionnaire.

A total of 40 copies of questionnaire were administered and all were completely returned. It was found that maintaining a good relationship would enhance the secretaries productivity and tremendously to organization growth. In addition to the skills acquired in the classroom in order to be successful in the professional world. Based on the above conclusion, it was recommended that aspiring secretaries should always venture out into other social activities, while secretaries should always be involved in decision making process as art of the management team so as to boost their ego and afford the self confidence that they need in dealing with people in appropriate manner.





One of the secretary’s most exciting aspects of working in the business world is that of meeting new people from different backgrounds, personality physical make – up, intelligence, abilities and attitude.

Getting to know there people better will expand her horizons just as their getting to know her will also expand theirs. This does not mean that the secretary will go into personal affairs of these people but it means that she should try to know something about what they like and dislike, their aspirations, special interest and reactions to a variety of situations. Although, it takes time and effort on the part of the secretary to exhibit good human relations and to maintain it, she should realize that no man is an island.

Background of the Study

With the increase in sophistication of the world business environment coupled with increase in the growth of profession in various business organizations good human relations can not compete and survive in the business environment, management has to use its materials and human resource judiciously. A business organization must strive to encourage team work and sense of belonging among its staff. It is imperative to state here that the secretary operates in a mainly administrative capacity and may be responsible for directing the affairs of subordinates. Often, secretaries work in high pressure areas where the executives delegate extensively. For example, representing the boss at meetings and seminars outside or inside the organization, directing the affairs of junior workers and receiving visitors. Therefore, she has to prepare to accept considerable responsibilities and as a result of this, her authority is recognized by the people.

In an organization, secretary is tactful and skillful in dealing with callers especially those who can not see the executive, this is where the human relations aspect of the work of secretary comes in. this study looks into the impact of good human relations on secretarial profession.

Statement of the Problem

The impact of good human relations to secretarial profession cannot be over emphasized. The impact can only be meaningful and reasonable, if the problems associated with good human relations in secretarial profession are stated and solves. This research the reform takes a looks at some of the problems facings secretaries with a view to finding solutions to them. Lack of cordial relationship among the staff. Too much time spending in the office, lack of enthusiasm and inability to have a sense of belonging can have a negative consequence on the performance of the secretary.

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