The role of teachers in the task of nation building are indispensable.  No nation can live above the quality of its teachers. The stock of man power who bring about the social, political and economic transformation of a nation are product of the teachers, Ajayi and Oguntoye (2003).Teachers desired school heads who are positive, supportive and actively engaged in the school. They hoped to work in a school where order is maintained, and where they received support in classroom management. In other words, Johnson (2004) agreed that headteachers who received accolades from their teachers were identified as being visible, innovative, fair, supportive, effective, problem solvers and positive in their interaction with teachers.

For primary education to maintain its position as the bed rock upon which other levels of education are built, teachers in the primary schools must do their job as expected. Moronkola (2002) believed that lesson notes help the teachers to get his/her own thinking straight. When a teacher has developed a suitable lesson plan, he has, in effect taught the lesson to himself before attempting to impact it on the pupils. It appears that some teachers in Ekiti State do not prepare their lesson notes before teaching  which implies that the knowledge imparted on pupils may not be in accordance with what the pupils should be taught. Even some who prepare lesson notes do not use them to teach. In some situation, some teachers believed that preparation of lesson notes on daily basis  is time consuming and therefore do this when it is convenient for them.

Kolade-Oje and Babalola (2000), submitted that a good visual material can supplement the spoken or written words thereby bringing to life descriptions which words can not do. They stressed further  that words can describe people, places and objects but pictures immediately make it a reality. In some primary schools in Ekiti State, it appears that teachers do not prepare instructional materials for their lessons while it is inadequate in some situations. There has been persistent public outcry that the preparation of low cost aids such as charts, board, cards, and diagrams militates against effective teaching.

In some primary schools in Ekiti state, the general public complained that, teachers do engage in farming and trading more than their primary assignment which is teaching. Worse still, some teachers also engaged their pupils in farming and domestic work during the school hours depriving such pupils the opportunity of learning during such period. Experience has shown that some teachers after returning back to class from their various farm work are found sleeping in their various classes while some turn aggressive when pupils ask questions.

The observed poor job performance of primary school teachers could be attributed to various reasons prominent among which are lack of motivation and delegation of authority among teachers. Mullins (1996) defines delegation of authority as the authorization to undertake activities that would otherwise be carried out by someone in a senior position.  Cole (1996) also describes  delegation of Authority as a process whereby a manager or a senior officer cadres  entrusts some of his authority to subordinates or team mates to perform certain tasks or duties on his behalf. Experience has shown that some head teachers do not delegate duties to teachers based on their abilities and experience.  It also appears that delegation of duties by some head teachers does not happen at all. However, some head teachers are not willing to delegate duties or prepare their teachers for greater responsibilities.

Motivation is a process of giving incentives to workers with the view of influencing them to better performance. Ajayi and Ayodele (2002)  believed that lack of motivation will lead to poor  job performance while Oshionebo (1992) agreed that individual who is highly motivated would tends to be very conscientious in his work. It appears that teachers are not motivated in the area of provision of good office accommodation, promotion as and when due, and opportunities for professional growth .    If teachers are expected to perform well on their job, they have to be motivated, If the needs of the teachers are consistently unsatisfied and there is no possibility of satisfaction, they may be frustrated and perform below expectation.

Studies such as Ibukun(1997), Adepoju (1998), Ajayi and Ayodele(2002), have shown that motivation and delegation of authority are determinants of job performance. These implies that lack of motivation and delegation of authority will lead to poor job performance. It is against this background that this paper investigates motivation and delegation of authority as correlates of teachers’ job performance in Ekiti State primary schools.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to investigate motivation and delegation of authority as correlates of primary school teachers’ job performance in Ekiti State. The study will ascertain the extent to which teachers are motivated and authority delegated to them.

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