This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between teaching facilities on the academic performance of students in selected secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State. Four research questions were developed to capture the topic and questionnaire is designed to elicit information from the respondents which comprise of teachers and students of the selected schools, 200 population samples were randomly selected from five schools in the Local Government Area.                                                             Retrieved questionnaire were collected and analyzed using mean statistics. Any mean below 2.50 is rejected while a mean of 2.5 above is accepted. The finding revealed that there is significant relationship between teaching facilities and students academic performance in secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State. There is significant relationship between physical facilities, personnel facilities, library facilities, teaching facilities and teacher’s ability to implement continuous assessment. There is cordial significant relationship between teaching facilities and general administration of the school.



Background of the Study

Education is the greatest tool for the development of any nation, the major objectives of sending our children to school is to help them learn some basic concepts, skills, knowledge and beliefs necessary for the development of some specific goals. Observations have shown that in even level of schooling whether at the primary, secondary or tertiary level of education, there are basic facilities which make it possible for the school to attain her desired goals school facilities can also be referred to as school plant.

According to Costaldi (2007), school facilities are those materials of education which enables a skillful teacher to achieve a level of instructional effectiveness that exceeds what is possible, when they are not provided, the materials of education or educational facilities are numerous, whatever materials or services that helps to facilitate teaching and learning fall under the term school facilities. They consist of land, buildings, playground, school farm, laboratories, libraries, assembly hall, classrooms, workshops, audio visual aids (radio sets, video sets, tapes) slide projectors and slide flip charts e.t.c. graphics (charts, posters, pictures) photographs, cartoons, graphs maps e.t.c) display materials chalkboard, flannel boards, magnetic boards and many others.

According to national policy on education (2004), it listed the following as part of national education goals;

  • The training of the mind in the development of the world around.
  • The acquisition of mental, physical and social abilities and competences as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of his society.

Reimer (2001), referred to education as all those experience of the individual through which knowledge is acquired, the intellect enlightened or will be strengthened’

Education therefore can be regarded as a social process whose purpose is to bring about certain desirable behavioural change in the total development of the individual. In the whole world, education has been given more regard while in Nigeria particularly education has been seen as the main vehicle for rapid development.

It is obvious that since advent of the Europeans, Nigeria have attached much importance to western education. The first type of schools according to Bab fafunwa (2001), were the Islamic and Arabic schools which emerged as a result of the Islamic scholar’s arrival into the country on the pretense of trade. The first set of schools were usually situated under big trees with students who were mainly conducted in the evening after their trading activities with the merchants who acted as the tutors. The first type of school didn’t have any facilities apart from the slate and foreign textbooks used.

Furthermore, with the arrival of western education, the use of facilities became vague classrooms are very vital in schools; the classrooms are constructed to suit the purpose of learning. Eagle Hardt 2014, emphasized that classrooms referred to as teaching laboratories should be attached more importance to enable an imagined educational programme to be achieved school facilities are necessary in the school for effective teaching and learning operations. The availability or unavailability of school facilities, insufficiency and bad conditions of the available ones influence the achievement of secondary school student’s performances in both internal and external examinations. It also influences teacher’s instructional effectiveness and their ability to implement continuous assessment. Available researchers have shown that the school heads or administrations on the other hand encounter some difficulties in the general administration of the school due to lack of facilities and bad condition of the available ones, most of the old and new schools are facing resources crisis there are insufficient, inefficient and unstable personnel. The learning programme is being jeopardized by the phenomenon and this subsequently tends to yearly declining in the student’s performance in their final examinations.

What actually are responsible for the yearly declination are the basic motives behind this study which have not gained much attention by the teaching researchers in the past.

Statement of the Problem

The teaching facilities that have to do with textbooks, physical structures, library, laboratory facilities and the financing of student’s education have great impact on the performance of the students in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti state.

Classroom are lacking where there is congestion in the room where just 40%  of students can assimilate what the teacher is saying, it affects student’s performance.   Textbooks that students can consult for more information are insufficient, this also affects students’ performance. Also library and laboratories which are the central unit of any academic environment are not adequately equipped in our secondary schools thus affect the performance of the students.

This study is therefore faced with the problem of exploring the effect of teaching facilities on the academic achievement of students in secondary school students in Ikere Local Government Area Ekiti State.

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