Significance of Audio Visual Aids in Foreign Language Teaching


Teachers of English as a foreign language are in a constant search of what may help learners

increase their level of language proficiency. As a matter of fact, the frequent use of the

foreign language in class should be conducted through good techniques and procedures.

Therefore, the learner’s mastery of the four skills especially language fluency depends to a

great extent on the teacher’s use of the most appropriate methods of teaching the speaking

skill. This research work aimsto investigate the effect of audiovisual aids in enhancing

learner’s level of the English language. To evaluate the effectiveness of the audiovisual aids

in improving the learner’s proficiency in speaking, we have conducted a field work at the

University of Biskra. The outcomes of the investigation seem to be highly significant because

they evidently indicate and confirm that audiovisual aids improve particularly the students’

performance in the speaking.



Background of the Study

Teaching is both an art and a science; able teachers always find ways and means to

improve their teaching methodologies. With the change in time teachers are required to

employ newer methods and strategies of teaching. Technology has become an important part

of teaching and learning within the classroom as well as working with fully online

environment. A resource for educating and assisting faculty about the best practices for using

technology has become crucial. These recourses need to go beyond how to work with specific

software, and teachers need to understand the ways in which these new tools can make a

significant difference in the teaching process.

Statement of the problem

Generally, EFL learners and more specifically at the University of Biskra , face difficulties

in the classroom not just because their language aptitude is not sufficient , but also because of

other factors such as the methodology of teaching which do not help the learner to succeed

in his studies.

Throughout the present work, we seek an answer for the following research apathy.

Are the ‘tried and true’ teaching methods the best way to help today’s students, or are there

new, innovative methods that work better?

Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this study is to demonstrate the significance of technological

assistance during the learning of a foreign language especially when listening, and what

Impact these aids have on the learners’ performance in that language.

The second objective is to facilitate the syllabus using some technological assistance

especially the courses of oral expression with a particular focus on each course and its

appropriate aids.

Significance of the study

Some teachers do not take the technological assistance seriously, especially in lectures of

oral expression. Whatever the efforts that are made by the students to learn using audio visual

aids, they do not seem to have much influence in improving the quality of teaching. It is very

necessary to determine which method of presentation is effective in the process of teaching

and learning in the classroom. Therefore, teachers should adopt technological assistance.

We do believe that it is very important to study the availability of the modern method

(technology) in the classroom and its effectiveness in teaching.

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