This study investigate the factors that must be considered in the development of the nation’s educational system. Computer science is one of the subjects required for any technology development of any nation today.  Therefore the study is designed to review characteristic of teacher and achievement in computer science. The population for this study consisted of 100 teachers in secondary school.  The project has taken Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State as case study using five (5) junior secondary schools in the local government. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that trained and specialized teacher should be employed so as to have necessary achievement in computer science in all classes of the junior secondary schools.





 Background of the Study

Science is viewed by Hurley (1975), as organized common sense, the systematizing and classifying of knowledge and the ability to verify the existence and objectivity of knowledge and are meant to the significant components of science.

Hurd (1970), claimed that science is a process of things, a means of acquiring new knowledge and a means of understanding the natural world. Also science is a problem seeking as well as problem solving. In a more classical way, science has been described development as a result of experimentation and observation.

Science is said to have many discipline like physics, chemistry, biology, computer etc. all of this deals with the explanation of what is observe in nature. Although computer has been in a existence as early as 1940. The idea of such a machine was first conceived as early as 1988 by Charles Babbage.

Charles Babbage, a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, England wanted to build a machine capable of calculating any equation stored into it. Also, to have a sequential program control with the introduction of computer science into the educational system in Nigeria. Several questions have been raised with supposedly new teaching and learning. Science questions were asked about what the student are expose in attempt to answers this questions, the skills which computer science is suppose to develop in students were listed as follows:

  1. Observing carefully and thoroughly
  2. Recording completely and accurately what is observed
  3. Organisation of information
  4. Designing experiments     (including     controls,     where necessary) to check prediction.

Also Mathematics is a creation of the human mind concerns primary with ideas process and reasoning. Thus mathematic is more than arithmetic, the science of numbers and computation, more than algebra, the language of symbols and relations more than geometry, the study of shapes, sizes and space.

It is greater than numerical trigonometry, which is the study of the relationship between the size of any triangles and the angles. It is more than statistics and the science of the collections, presentation analysis and interpretation of data and graph. It is more than calculus the study of change, infinity and limits so mathematics is one of core, subjects in both secondary and foundation on which all science subject and technology stand.

Butter (1970) sees mathematic as a cumulative and continuously unfolding subjects and concludes that understanding new topics required the mastery of the old. Many ideas in the course of the history of mathematic that were not accepted immediately but eventually proved useful. Other were accepted and then discarded in favour of yet different ideas mathematic in free creation. Mathematics was beginning to understand that one axiomatic system have been studied extensively in the twentieth century. An economy of effort is acted in this way as one general theory many get rid of the need for many special theories which the more general one encompasses, often a familiar subject and one compass, often a familiar subject is seen to be special cases for the same general theories. By means of this analogy, the familiar subjects can be used profitably study the unfamiliar subjects. Mathematic hold a rather unique place in our society today apparently; a mathematician is often seen as people withdraw for the world unable to relate well to other people.

Generally, attitude of people in our society towards mathematics is an interesting consequence of school mathematics experts. Mathematics helps to understand our environment in order to understand his world in which we live mathematics is invaluable tools imagine trying to describe and work with physical relationship without the concept and visual image of geometry. Mathematics and society are interdependent in addition to help us to understand our environment. Mathematics has important effects upon the development of the society in which we live, an effect that is reciprocal. The society has in turn influenced the development of mathematics. Our knowledge of mathematics influences the view the world. We at this moment live through in fold and unforeseen changes in our society and mathematics as a consequence of the refinement of the electronic computer. What parts of our daily existence remain untouched? Mathematics is an abstract system of ideas. If the hearth of things mathematically, we shall show how to organize experience to bring out the abstract nature of mathematics. The role played by mathematics is at primary importance. Helping students being to formulated concepts of nature of mathematics is equal important mathematics stands as example of what height measure when he relict upon his powers of reasoning. The use of deduction in Mathematics provides thus discipline with unique quality of determination doubt. The use of logic alone would serve to establish a universal position of mathematics among many fields of endeavor in modern society. Mathematics is the study of patterns. It has already been mentioned that there are regularities and similarities in nature that would escape us enticed 18 it were not for the mathematical descriptions available to us. The most remarkable facts about this is that study of problems in react would trigger the development of the mathematics. Despite the fact that now mathematics   frequently   has   little   apparent   application   to anything in the physical world, rust as often. Some later us is found to assist his continual question for progress. Mathematics is the language to science and therefore the means of communication between scientists, the lose nature ties between mathematics and science need to be exploited in the school.

Statement of the Problem

The study is designed specifically to investigate the relationship between the student’s performance in Computer Science and Mathematics in junior secondary school examination in Ikole – Ekiti, Ekiti -State.

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