This study investigate the factors that must be considered in the development of the nation’s educational system.  It focuses on teacher’s characteristics and achievement in computer science among some selected senior secondary schools.

Computer science is one of the subjects required for any technology development of any nation today.  Therefore the study is designed to review characteristic of teacher and achievement in computer science. The population for this study consisted of 100 teachers in secondary school.  The project has taken Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State as case study using five (5) senior secondary schools in the local government.  The students questionnaire was divided into two section.  Section “A” was designed for personal data of the students.  Section ‘B’ was designed to find out the attitude of the teachers towards computer science, twenty questions were constructed in section B. The general conclusion was that teachers characteristics play a significant role in the achievement of any subject.  Conclusively, it was discovered that, teachers qualification enhance the achievement in computer science and also instructional materials and other equipment improve the achievement in computer science.

As a result of the findings, appropriate recommendations were made to help eradicate or reduce negative attitude toward computer to the barest minimum.  Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that trained and specialized teacher should be employed so as to have necessary achievement in computer science in all classes of the senior secondary schools.




Background of the Study

Computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals.

Computer is the science that draws necessary conclusions and also the manipulation of the meaningless symbols of a first order language according to explicit, syntactical rules.

This study titled Teachers Characteristics and Achievement as Determinants of senior secondary schools students performance in Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State. This will study the event that occur such as the rate of students failure in computer science in the senior secondary school(SSS), stakeholders blame students who are not ready to learn as one of the causes of their failure. Also, teacher can be blame as a result of their attitude to work which will affect the academic performance of students.

Adesina (2000), also revealed that teachers are the primary indicator and determinant of the quality of education. Thus, the ability to teach effectively depends on the knowledge of teachers and knowledge that exists in many forms.

Teacher must thoroughly understand the content of what they teach. Teachers who master the material will pass a language more clearly and provide better explanations that those with weaker backgrounds. Perspective of students to teachers in this mastery of the material have a significant influence on students academic performance.

According to Eggen and Kaunchk (2001), positive attitudes of teachers is essential for effective learning. Fisher et al (2000) stated that the study that the high level of learning that will takes place on learners when they are happy going themselves and the material being studies when teacher use instructional time effectively. Ways to deal with student-teacher affect student’s attitudes towards school and academic performance of students. How students perceptions of their teachers attitudes while teaching in the classroom be measured in this study are qualifications, Experience and teaching skills.

Ehindero and Ajibade (2000) asserts that students are stakeholders in education, and has been suspected and speculated about some of their teachers do not have the necessary professionals qualifications. In a sense, skills, techniques, strategies are needed to convey concepts, ideas, principles are a means to facilitate effective learning.

Obanyan (2000) says that teacher are considered instrumental to translate content standards into the subject matter in the classroom, the teacher remain a constant factor in the successful implementation of educational programs.

Ajayi(2006) found that the classroom teacher is one of the major determinants of students achievement, training is most important as a determinant of students academic performance.

On the contrary, Husen (2000) reported that increased in-service is accompanied by low achievement levels by students especially where the training is assumed to be for only teachers of low scoring students.

Computer is the fundamentals root on which technology is based.  Unfortunately, students in our secondary schools and the teacher teaching them have negative attitude towards Computer Science regardless of its importance in making it as far as science and technology.

It is very important to look into teachers characteristics in student’s performance in Computer Science.  Computer science as a selective subject in the secondary school record poor performance of students.

Computer Science is regarded as the key to all science and technology subject, without a good foundation in Computer student would not be able to do well when using computer to perform operation.  It is very important to note that boys and girls in secondary school usually run away from Computer classes without any regard for its being a compulsory subject.

Obi (2000) noted that for the effective teaching of Computer, the teacher must be well equipped with the idea of what he or she is going to teach in the classroom.  Appropriate method of teaching is also required while supporting the fact that it is necessary to be knowledgeable about a particular concept, it is also necessary to know how to impact the knowledge adequately.  The teacher must know the best techniques and method of presenting his/her ideas to his or her pupils, bearing in mind their interest, needs and individual differences.

Kolawole (2005) he Stated that creative teaching requires new materials and thoughtful activities such as learning single as learning skill, procedures analysis of problem and application of generalization.

Therefore, a good teacher must have a sound knowledge of the contents, method and above all good attitudes to work.  Based on the general belief that computer is regarded as the foundation of all science subjects there is need to handle its teaching effectively.  He further observed that falling standing in performance of pupils in Computer science in the secondary school could attribute to the teacher’s characteristics toward its effectively teaching.

Statement of the Problem

The view of the researcher is to find the teacher’s characteristics and achievement as determinant with particulars reference to senior secondary school in Ikere Local Government, the researcher is going to look critically into the following.

  1. Do we have enough qualified teacher to teach Computer science in all our secondary school.
  2. Are there appropriate laboratory for the teaching of computer.
  • Do the student engage there self in computer practical

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to examine the effect of teacher characteristics as determinants of senior secondary school students’ performance in Computer Science in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State.


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