Changes in social structure have made some skills such as communication, entrepreneurship, using information technologies, productivity, etc. compulsory. Especially recent developments in mass media have caused obligatory changes on communication skills. Today, social structure needs individuals whose entrepreneurship and communication skills are strong. Those skills were handled in accordance with recent changes in primary school program, and constructivist approach was employed. According to the constructivist approach, students are in the center of instruction, they take part in classes actively, and teachers and students work in communication. This is what makes it necessary for individuals to be capable with regards to communication. For achieving this, pre-service teachers need to have sufficient communication skills. This is because of the fact that teachers initiate communication during instruction. As a result of the role they have, teachers have to communicate with their students, colleagues, school administration, parents and society. That is why they should have effective communication skills vocationally.

Communication is the process in which information, feelings and ideas are conveyed with power for the receiver. According to Baltaş (1992), communication is conveying feelings, thoughts and information through any way. Aim of communication is enabling the message to be conveyed to the receiver in the most clear and comprehensible way. Communication is very important for an individual’s education, family and work life. Inabilities in communication skills may lead an individual to be introvert during his education and to be unsuccessful in solving the problems he faces in his family and work life. Communication increases the possibility of agreement on ideas, behaviours and values via interaction ensured among individuals (Yatkın, 2003). It can be said that we owe our thinking and behaving in groups and our roles in social relations to communication (Demiray, 2007). It was suggested in a study that people spent about 75% of their time remaining from sleep for verbal communication. This means that we either speak or listen for 12 hours a day on average. Additionally, 60% of communication period is spent for listening, and 40% of it is spent for speaking (Kırmızı, 2006). Temizyürek, Erdem and Temizkan (2007) stated that speaking skill is one of the factors affecting an individual’s success in his school or work life.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study was determining if communication skills of the senior students (pre-service teachers) studying at the Faculty of Education, Bartın University differed in terms of their gender and departments. The following sub problems were tried to be answered for achieving this general aim:

  1. What are communication skill levels of the senior students at the Faculty of Education, Bartın University?
  2. Is there a statistically significant difference between communication skills of the senior students studying at the Faculty of Education, Bartın University with regard to their genders?
  3. Is there a statistically significant difference between communication skills of the senior students studying at the Faculty of Education, Bartın University with regard to their departments?


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