Chapter one


1.1     Background to the Study

The senior secondary school certificate had been given a good position in the world of education.

This is because it is a standard certificate for gaining admission into the universities and other higher institution like college of education.

`The students do not just go in for examination, they were given opportunities to make realistic choices of their own subjects for which they will be presented as candidates. It is this choice that will determine their career in life.

Career guidance and subject guidance are becoming high priority in Nigeria which make the guidance and counselor to see students career choices development as a unifying primary goals of choice of career. It is the content of these states, national interest and the new impetus in choice of career, that this study is being undertaken.

The importance of career choice guidance for Nigeria students has not been sufficiently appreciated by Nigerian educations.

According to Hichlife (1991) Nigeria’s economic future will not be adequately met until youths are effectively into an areas of occupational education for the acquisition of functional knowledge for better utilization of the nations manpower resources.

The choice of career in Nigeria secondary schools, can make a substantial contribution by drawing up student’s background and also by stimulating their hopes and aspiration, career choice guidance can help the student discover their latent capacities and abilities.

Furthermore, he concluded that subject guidance programmes can be utilized by advising student in secondary schools on at least a tentative choice of subject in which career choice is not included.

There is growing difficulties on the part of Nigerian graduates to secure appropriate employment.

This derives from the fact that the nation’s school have not been adequately liked up with the labour market. It is also indicative of the fact that the impart of career choice guidance for students have not been sufficient appreciated. One major deficiency in the Nigerian employment market is the weakness of system of occupational information. In a study by Amoth, D (2008) the following factors were shown to affect student’s choice of career choice like parents, friends, scholarship awards and teachers. It was fund that printed information was the most important single factors influencing student’s choice of an occupation. The study emphasized the significance of introducing career choice counselor into the secondary schools at the earliest possible date. It is a well known fact that the machinery for collecting and appraising labour market trends in Nigeria is limited. There is no system developed for informing employers of the manpower supply trainees are not informed regarding the labour market and the opportunities available to them in terms of subject prospect, most student generally had to fight for themselves. With the indication of friction and difficulties in the labour market and in the face of the sizeable expansion in post primary institutions, the need for adequate career choice guidance becomes a matter of genie concern. Students have shown over the years that various factors contribute to the students choice of career choice. Therefore, students do not choose career choice arbitrarily. Also parental influences have been recognized as a determining factor in students’ career decision-making. These influences could be either positive or negative on their decisions (Rainey and Borders 2007; Sebald 2002). Sometimes parental influence tends to ignore the child’s personal interest. Individual interest in making career choice is central in trait and factor theory of career decision making. In every endeavor of human life, interest of the doer is very crucial for success. In other words, career interest is defined as preference for specific life events that often play a major role in career decision making and choice. Basically, three types of career interests are distinguished: Expressed interests are those interests that are verbally reported by the student. “I would like to work as medical doctor”. Manifest interests refer to the events in which individuals engage. For example, an individual who enjoys writing may manifest his or her interest by doing Journalistic writing. While tested interests are shown in an individual’s knowledge of a specific area as measured by standardized objective tests .

In addition, Madu (2011) conducted a study based on the impact of gender on academic performance on 160 Arts-Related subjects in Ekiti State concluded that students preformed significantly better than males in Arts-Related subjects. Similarly, Buabeng, et al (2012) studied female senior high school students’ interest in physics as course of study at the secondary  level in Nigeria, concluded that female students do not prefer Economics as a course of study at the secondary level due to limited employment opportunities for students in physics as a career. The determination of the students choose career choice most especially at the senior secondary schools depend largely on the attitude held by individuals and the society as a whole towards their acquired or applied.

The Nigerian secondary schools have been presenting candidates for SSCE in all schools. The certificate awarded has become the yard stick for measuring the standard of students performance. It is also used to gain admission into universities and their institutions of higher learning. The students at this level needed to be guided because they are mainly an adolescent. This guide will be in such a way that the choice of the subject especially on career choice will reflect the aptitude for the students. Therefore, this study aims as identifying the factors affecting students in Ekiti States.

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