1.1     Background of Study

Examination are known to play very importance role in our educational system .some are of the view that examination are designed to eliminate some candidate and allocate others to various jobs and institution of higher learning. In essence, examinations are used to determine success or failure of a student in a school. This is necessary because setting student against one another in trial and competition has always been a respectable means of inciting them to reading.

A student who knows that he might fail in examination which will in-turn determination his progress or promotion, will strive to pass.

These encourage competition among a group of students who will be an academic better position in their class.

Examination are also academic stratification or for assigning grades to student. In the college of education we find student being placed in distinction, credits and good respectively. Their grades are determined through examination written.

A student with a good grade in examination will be regarded by people around him as an intelligent student. He also likely to have a place in institution of higher learning, He can also secure job easily in the labour market. All these conditions have combined to influence the child attitude to examination. Such attitudes have often culminated in an urge for success in any particular examination through whatever means.

English dictionary put examination as an act of examination or state of being examined. This is a general definition of the term but with particular reference to education within the school system, examination is defined as writing exercise, oral question or particular task set of test a candidate knowledge and skills therefore, examination candidate is to test his or her knowledge to skill in a subject or activity by oral question or by practical work.

Ogunyemi (2001), also explained that examination is a device that provide a sample of behaviors or of a collection of all evidence needed to make a decision about student

Cornback (2001), opined that examination are not necessarily intended for what student know about a subject but for what student know about a subject but for what needs to be received, where student should progress to. In the light of the above examination are serving a useful purpose of knowing whether objectives are attained as not and that examination carry out other vital and importance function such as to predict future education attainment and offer an avenue for the selection of people candidate for certain educational course and occupants.

In Ekiti State, the students have to face series of examination in the college of education. These include class test as continuous assessment test, terminal and session examination all of which they have to pass if they are to get the finial year. A high grade in this examination is a stepping stone to higher institution of learning after other competitive examination passing examination to secure certificate to many people. The main goal of going to school rather than acquiring useful knowledge with which to cope with the demands of modern life, hence passing examination has become “life or death “.

In view of the importance attached to examination and the end result there is hardly. Any issue in education that has generated a more serious discussion raised more concern to every literate person in Nigeria today then the issue of examination malpractice in our education institution. This is apart from its frequent and increasing occurrences? Examination malpractices have eaten deeply like cankerworms into the fabric of the nation education system. One can say that exanimation malpractice have become a pollutant, which is having a serious delectating effort on assessment of curriculum objectives.

Some people see the increasing rate in examination malpractice as a sign of the gradual delay of our educational system.

In test the behaviors of candidate towards examination and their eventual performance would be a rational base on which to assess the standard of education in the society.

No wonder why examination malpractice have become a tropical issue and have promoted the government in enacting laws to impose punishment on culprits.

However, it attracts much criticism because of its nature. Based on this less emphasis should be placed on examination. Other people advocate the use of examination for the measurement of understanding of subjective matter.

As a result of the importance attached to this certificate by school and the society, there is always a strong desire in the student to acquire it

They adopt various unconventional methods to help themselves to achieve their aim in examination

These unconventional acts vary from impersonation, collusion, swooping of script (Orijo), stealing, converting and other activities that may disturb the smooth conduct of an examination

This attitude of an average Nigeria has made some people to doubt the validity and trust in the examination system and certificate issued to candidates at all level of education.

Examination malpractice have now become a vicious and once student get involved and go undetected they easily become addicted and tune to this ugly path as a means of abstaining academic success

These unconventional approaches to examination have become rampant since the end of Nigeria civil war in 1970. In fact, both the government and society at large frowned at examination malpractice in all its ramifications

In the high of the above observations West Africa Examination Councils in July update the literature and October the same year presented to the flash session of the joint consultative committee on education malpractices and 42nd meeting of the national council in education respectively on the report and disturbing trends in examination malpractice in its examination. This report was meant to alert the federal and state government as well as general public of the alarming trends and the moral and social consequences on our education standard. Although the unwholesome trends since engaged the attention and evoked the condemnation of the effect of examination malpractices on the deplorable condition of the conduct.

This study is therefore designed to investigate the cause, effects, and the extent of examination malpractices in college of education Ikere –Ekiti

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