Background of the study

Child abuse is more than bruises or broken bones. While physical abuse due to scars leaves on primary education, not all child abuse is an obvious. Ignoring children’s needs putting them in unsupervised dangerous situations or making a child feel worthless or stupid are also child abuse. Regardless of type of child abuse, the result is serious emotional harm.

Child abuse and neglect issue has been plagued with definition dilemmas. Garbnera and Zligler (1980), Patron (1985) maintain that there is no standard definition of child abuse developed by researchers and accepted b welfare professionals. He went further to say that definitions of the term ranged in scope from the emphasis on serious physical abuse to emotional maltreatment.

The definitions that had been developed so far in this area centered on the professional orientation of those studying the problems.

As a result of this there have been social, legal and medical definitions as regard child abuse and neglect. Abuse babies include those picked up from guttery roadsides, toilets, underground wells, pit latrines and crannies where they been discarded by their ostensibly to die.

In most cases, they are often picked by public spirited people who nurse them, and handed them over to the police or taken them to motherless babies home where they are nurtured and taken care of. Also some babies are born by mad or insane women who have the mental incapacity and where withal to bring up those babies. In addition, many juvenile primary school children were reportedly being displaced around the street busying hawking and trading when they are suppose to be in there various schools for learning and this greatly dampen the development of primary education in Nigeria.

The Macmillan family Encyclopedia (1980) “child abuse”, the maltreatment of children by their parents, guardians is defined by various ways. Some authors limit the term to physical maltreatment of a child resulting in visible injury. Others extend the definition to include neglect, malnutrition or sexual abuse.

An even broader definition includes psychological maltreatment that threatens the child emotional development.

In this part of the world the term child abuse has little or no meaning to majority of the rural dwellers particularly those who indulge in child labour that either endangers their health or safety.

Interfere with parents their education or keep them from play and others are actually necessary for their development.

Another form of child abuse include child early marriage, malnutrition, sexual abuse, separation from parents, physical and psychological maltreatment in the family, living in welfare institutions and the society. Teachers contribute to the abuse of child by given out undesirable punishments which do not usually achieve the desired purpose.

Child abuse could be said to have originated from ages. In the bible from Greek, the beliefs structural adjustment programme, inflation, economic in the society these are products responsible for the high rate of child abuse in our society.

It should also be clearly pointed out that sex differences, age educational background, employment, marital status, religion differences, and levels of income as well as family types determines to some extent the incidence causes and patterns of child abuse.

Child abuse is fast becoming a major problem of both the affluent the poor in the society while most families with the means leave the care of there children in the hands of house helps in the rat race for wealth, those from poor background are abused to take out a living for themselves at a very tender age.

There is no doubt the struggle for survival has left many children uncared for by their parents, many of who no longer take interest in their children and wards. This manifest in the ulter failure to provide children with the needed emotional support advancement and basic needed for physical development

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