Human resource are the acquired skills, knowledge and the capabilities of all people in a society.  It can all be described as skills, knowledge, attitude, expertise, technological knowledge and so on.

Nwanko (1982) sees human resources management as management of personal their task and responsibilities.  In other words, it refers, to the amount of human effort which can be relied upon or turned to for support and help for promotion activities.  In another control of human wealth in an organization.

According to Waya (2003), human resources or manpower can be referred to as the most importance factor of production.  Others are the material and financial, resources.

Their development according to Harbison and Charks (1986) can be defined as the process of increasing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of all the people in a society.

Most developing nations can be regarded in a sense as labour rich because of high rate coupled with inadequate provision of employment and investment.

Sincerely speaking, workers in any given establish vary in their level of

  1. Knowledge
  2. Attitude to work
  3. Skills most developing nations have the feelings that the shortage of skilled and executive manpower could be a constraint in the implementation of development projects.

Since in the real sense of it, the wealth of a nation is expressed in terms of the level of development process.  However, this can further be highlighted on realizing that capital and natural resources, are passive factors of production.  Human beings are active agents who accumulate wealth/capital explore nature resources, build social economics and political organization and carry forward nation development.

One important source of achieving development is the better utilization of human resources.  It is however saddening that ion developing countries there is a large pool of the available human resources doing nothing because it appears there is nothing to do.  What is management? The world is one of organizations.  Organization abound every where and of different types such as club, hospital, business enterprises, schools and public services institution.

Organization is essence refers to any kind of enmity that is designed to accomplish specified objectives through co-operative endeavours of it’s individual members.

The three important characteristics of any organization are:

  • Possession of resource which may be financial, physical and human.
  • Stated goals or objectives which is the raison deter of the organization.
  • Assignment of roles to individual working in it.

Task and resources of the organization must be integrated properly to achieve organizational goals management is the avenue by which this can be efficiently achieved.  This management can be looked upon as the process by which resources are integrated with task in order to achieve goals.

According to Arotiba and Adamu (2004), there is no more important area of human activity than managing or administering because this is basic task of all managers of administrators at all levels and in all kinds of enterprise whether business or education to design and maintain an environment in which individuals, working in groups and collectively can accomplish reselected a predetermined goals and objectives.  This is to say that managers or administrators are changed with that will make it possible for individuals to make their best contribution to group organization objection.

Management involves the sum total of all activities undertaking to achieve the goals and objectives of on individual or an organization structure the acquisition and judicious use of resources motivating people providing leadership, planning strategies, controlling, innovating and other wise creating an environment in which individual and group goals can be achieved.

The essence of manager is to make decision, the purpose of achieving individual group and organization objectives in essence where human resources is being managed properly come from how manager pursue them is what this project is all about.  That is now the manger enhanced effective and efficient human resource management toward the achievement of individual and organization goals.

Public service, however will require more complex set – up depending on the extent of the organization operation.  The rationality that underlines the human resources management process is reflected in it’s goal seeking nature.

Basically, managers design engage in and oversee.  The variety of organization task and process that are necessary for management of human resources.  There are many ways to determine the management of a local government that is by operational manager is one who performs (The Chairman).

According to Waya (2003), a manager is the person who perform managerial function.

According to Drunker (1954), he regarded a manager as one who directs the work of others and who as a slogan puts it is one who does his work by getting others to do their manager is organization are usually classified in terms of whether they are top level (strategies) middle level (tactical) and first lien (operational).

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