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effects of job satisfaction on employees productivity in Ikere local government area of Ekiti state.

effects of job satisfaction on employees productivity in Ikere local government area of Ekiti state.



Background of the Study

Job satisfaction refers to the accomplishment acquired by experiencing various job activities and reward. Satisfaction is resulting from the attainment of some desired goal, if only there are satisfied teachers in Ekiti state that are dedicated to carry out classroom duties these objective are based on the following, a free and democratic society, a just band egalitarian society, a united strong and self-reliance nation, a great and dynamic economy and a land of bright and full opportunities for all citizens. The other aspects of determinant of job satisfaction are finance, infrastructures, facilities and equipment’s etc.

In any case job satisfaction in secondary schools greatly depend on style, physiological, social and safety needs, it is important that situational determinants of job satisfaction be thoroughly examined and analyzed so that each working system can be better appraised and the organization improved and adjusted to increase productivity and benefit the workers by satisfying more of their personal needs as well as the community in which they live.

The issue of teachers’ motivation has become a matter of debate and concern in educational system and standards. In most developing countries of the world including Nigeria, there has been a growing awareness about teacher motivation which is a key to quality assurance, quality outcomes/delivery and high standards in the educational system. It is acknowledged that any nation that is aspiring to maintain high and quality standards or achieve quality assurance in its educational system must take teachers and their motivational needs with utmost high level of seriousness.

As one spends the vital part of his time at work, He would expect his job to satisfy his life needs. According to Moscow (2008) man is basically a working animal that is life style is predominantly directed towards satisfying his various won’t, job satisfaction has a strong relationship with productivity, Research’s were of opinion that the greater job satisfaction is associated with higher co-operation and productivity. These researcher have come to the conclusion that job satisfaction is enhanced when workers is productive, these can only be achieved when all factors are directed towards the success of the organization in term of production, industrial, peace and the workers welfare.

Statement of the problem

          Teachers stay on the job when physical environment, social and economic status is satisfactory. Dissatisfaction among teacher translates into lack of commitment to duty low level of productivity inability to adapt to change and refusal to accept responsibility for their actions and decision. Teachers who are satisfied with their job display commitment to duty, high productivity and adequate preparation of students, leading to good performance in examination by students. The study sought to establish the factors determining job satisfaction among teachers in secondary schools.


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