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Background to the Study

Technology has developed so much that it is almost crucial to have electronic devices particularly the personal computers at home, school, internet café, etc. Teenagers have gotten soused to have technology around them. However, while having these computers that make life easier, comfortable, and handy at most of the times, it could also have negative effects on their lives particularly in their studies when used too much. When these computers are used too much by these teenagers, they will develop a kind of addiction which is now commonly called computer addiction. Computer addiction is defined as such a strong involvement with a machine or what can be displayed on it that the usual criteria for impairment through addiction are met(Lowinson, 2005). This is the most common addiction being observed by the researchers to the teenagers who are in their first year collegiate level at Mapua Institute of Technology. Computer games, cyber sex, cyber relationship, internet gambling and information overload are the causes why students are being addicted to computer. These are the most common things that they do when they are in front of a computer (Deverensky & Gupta, 2004). These causes can affect the academic performance of the students. There are high rate of failure and drop out rate of the students. The nearby computer shops trigger the students to be easily hooked in computer use.That’s why the researchers believe that computer addiction is the primary cause why most of thefirst year students at Mapua Institute of Technology are poor in their academic performances.It is very evident that people specially students nowadays are now attached to computer the addictive computer programs and not with books in making reports and academic works. For example: students tend to play games first, browse websites and make friends with new people by the use of the internet rather than studying. For these reasons, the researchers conducted this paper to give an overview for the readers to fully understand the causes of computer addictionand how it affects the academic performances of students

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