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Background of the study

The usefulness of audio -visual materials in learning cannot be overemphasized. Audio visual stimulate learners. Their effectiveness is derived from the fact that, learners draw from the different things at the same time, and can interpret the message being communicated by the teacher at different levels.

Audio visual aids are instructional materials and devices through which teaching and learning are done in colleges in particular more effectively. Audio visual materials are teaching and learning tools whose purpose is to make learning easier for the learners. Audio visual materials are used in the teaching and learning processes to make leaning more enjoyable. Classroom learning depends on effective teaching. Skillful teachers use different techniques to make teaching effective in addition to teaching methods; the language teacher can introduce audio visual materials.

This is because it is by integrating these with other teaching methods that maximum learning can be achieved.

Audio visual materials are indispensable in the teaching and learning processes. They increase the effectiveness of learning by helping the pupils to assimilate ideas in a more meaningful and interesting manner. Through the appeal to the eye and the car. The)’ provide steady improvement in knowledge and skills. The use audio visual aids would upgrade this teaching of English and give students with learning experience in active participation in all of learning activities.

Audio visual materials are very important in the secondary school as a student teacher on teaching practice; I often faced several lessons pondering on how to introduce them and what audio visual materials I could make use of that could contribute to effective learning.

From what 1 observed in several secondary schools, the English language is not a practical subject like the physical or the biological sciences. Therefore extra efforts should be made to design and utilize appropriate audio-visual materials in order to produce effective learning in the English language class. During my teaching practice, I found out that, audio-visual materials could be helpful in solving several problems that teachers of English face in the classroom. However, I observed during the teaching practices exercise that many teachers of English did not make use of audio-visual materials for teaching.

In this research, the use of audio-visual aids would upgrade the teaching of English and give students with learning experiences in active participation in all phases of learning activities. This research paper designed to how tools and techniques enhance teaching the English language more effectively.

Below are some definitions that should be known to the readers of this Work Attitude: In layman definition, attitude may refer to the distinct concept of mood or be especially synonymous with teenage rebellion. An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects events, activities, ideas or just about anything in your environment but there is debate about please definition. According to Gordon (2007), he describe attitude as the most distinctive and indispensable concept in contemporary social psychology.

Teaching: Mahuta (2009) defined teaching as the interaction between students and the teachers on a particular subject matter. Teaching is thus defined by Akinpelu (2006) as a triadic transaction between the teacher, the learner and the subject matter, the intention of which is to transform the situation and bring about a change in the perspective or awareness of the learner. Teaching is the process of imparting knowledge or encoding information acquire to other so that the decodes may be able to modify his behavior.

Learning: According to Travers (2007) he defined learning as relatively permanent change in behavior as a result of exposure to condition in the environment.

English language: English language is the world language and as a second language of the world. It is a medium of instruction at all levels of education. According to Aremu O. (2012) English language is a medium of communication, like every other language in the world.

Audio-visual: Audio materials according to oxford dictionary, audio materials refers to general terms for hardware (equipment) soft (consumable) and media used in learning, teaching and research which communicate through the ear.

Visual materials: Kate (2005) visual aids as any object or picture that relate to the subject. Visual materials general terms for hardware and media use in leaning, teaching and research which provide visual experiences such materials include films projectors, picture chart and transparency.

Audio visual materials: audio visual aids or materials are compact in nature because as the name implies is of compound word which when separated portray different connotation. Therefore, for the purpose of this study, the term audio visual may refer to work with both a sound and a visual component. According to Erikson (2002) Audio visual is an instructional material that can be used to convey meaning without complete dependence upon verbal symbols or language. It involve the simultaneous use of the sense organs especially the dual senses that is sense of learning and vision in the learning and teaching process.

Statement of the Problem

This study intends to find out the problems in teaching of English at secondary school level. In the process of teaching and learning of English, the audio-visual technology is used by many schools, so the effectiveness of audio-visual technology is unquestionable.

How to get complete project materials

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