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1.1     Background of the study

Educational resources are those resources, human and non-human that can be used to enhance knowledge, information, retrieval, dissemination, retention and acquisition in an educational setting, in other words, they are seen as a means to provide student in developing countries with access to affordable learning content. (Stone, 2006)

According to William and flora (2002), the availability of Education resources in their various types and forms are indispensable to teaching and learning situations. The list of Educational resources that can be used in teaching and learning is inexhaustible. They include all forms of information carrier that can be used to record, store, preserve, transmit or retrieve information for Educational purpose. They are resources that have Educational content and can be used to enhance the quality of instruction towards the achievement of Educational goals through Educational objectives. The use of Educational resources gives room for both the teachers and the students to share out of the past experience of the world and apply them in near future or now.

He also said further that Educational resources serve as tools for teaching. If adequately chosen and timely used for transmitting knowledge across the students, they will make the teaching more effective and more interesting and thereby arrest the attention of the students.

Educational resources have been introduced into the formal Educational system in Nigeria during the early part of the 20th century. The emphasis was on the preparation and production of specimen, cards, diagrams and the collection of the real objects. Even today the emphasis is still on the preparation and production of low cost aids because of the economics condition of the country.

  • Statement of the Problem

The problem proposed for this study is to identify the perception of the teachers on the teaching and learning of Integrated Science using Educational resources in Ikere Ekiti. They are as follows:-

  • It has been observed from the recent past that many failed for one reason or the other. While a few have high grades, others passed with low grades. This is due to inequality in student background.
  • It has also been observed that there are disparities in students’ level of interaction, which could be attributed to their social background.
  • Also observed was inability of students to afford to buy necessary resources on Integrated Science and being unable to participate in excursion, field trip because of  lack of financial capability to meet financial needs.
  • Moreover, some privileged or advantaged students continue their Education into high esteem they become great achiever and philanthropist while others who bare disadvantaged or less privileged are at the bottom of the ladder.
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