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Background to the study

Education is the best legacy parents can give to their children. The development of the nation starts from the family, when the family succeeds in teaching and impacting good values in the children, the country becomes a better place to live.

Economic position of parents is one of the major factors that can influence greatly the educational upbringing of a child. In most families, either or none of the parents may be earning income sufficient enough to sustain the family, faced with malnutrition and other emotional and psychological effects, the mental development of the child would be greatly retarded. Orhunger (2009) added that a low income family with plenty of feeding problems may produce children whose physical and mental development poses real challenges to the schools’ effort at optimum development of the child.

The world is fast evolving because of new technology. Throughout history, the development of new technology has been absolutely vital for both human survival and progress. One of the main tools with which human beings adapt to changing condition is the discovery and utilization of new technologies, since technology is the primary vehicle through which humanity progress, it could serve to reduce much of the problems facing human beings such as world hunger, poverty, lack of access to education and other issues.

According to Olarinmoye (2000), “Physics it is the most utilized basic science subject in most technology and technology-related profession”. This merely indicates that the enormous role that physics plays in the technological growth of any nation must not be undermined.

While the numbers attending high school has increased dramatically, the percentage enrolled in physics course continues to drop. Studies by Bolstad and Hipkins (2005) in New Zealand, Lyons (2005) in Australia, Smither and Robinson (2006) in the UK, Dekkers and De-laeter (2001) in Western Nigeria observe that the number of senior students who choose physics is relatively small and has shown a declining tendency. The Africa-Asia confidential (2009) observed that struggling with poor facilities, little money for equipment and inadequate training, Kenyan physics teachers in science and mathematics departments are used to low numbers of students taking their subjects and poor grades from those who do choose to enroll.

The school is an umbrella governing children from different parental background and social background and as such the children learning and the rate of academic development is closely related to other experience, the child’s performance in school is determined by the environment in which the child find himself, in the socio economic different factors can be found, these includes social, economic, psychological, cultural, genetic environmental and emotional.

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